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Landsberg am Lech

Digital scanned images of vintage picture postcards of the city of Landsberg am Lech, Germany. It is located in the south west of Bavaria, Germany, about 65 kilometers west of Munich and 35 kilometers south of Augsburg. We have around one hundred old images of Landsberg am Lech in our archive and add more to this online collection as time permits. Come back soon to see more of old Landsberg, Germany. This page currently contains more than fifty pictures of pre-war Landsberg. Use the buttons under the image below to view all the picture postcards in our online Landsberg gallery. If you're interested in the other Landsberg, once part of East Brandenburg and now located in Poland, you need to have a look at the website: Landsberg Warthe.

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 landsberg am lech deutschland     landsberg am lech

Landsberg: fifty picture postcards of pre-1945 Landsberg Lech.

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